The Emmerdale Set

Not so long ago I heard that you were now able to do a tour of the external Emmerdale set. Being a life long fan of the show I had to do it! Emmerdale is literally the only TV I watch at the moment and I have always been drawn to how scenic the set is.  At the start of July 2016 I flew to Leeds Bradford Airport, hired a car and did the tour.

The current Emmerdale set wasn’t always the location for filming the external scenes, in fact the current set is its 3rd location. With a bit of time to kill before the tour of the current set I visited the original two villages used as ‘Emmerdale’ which are Arncliffe in the Yorkshire Dales, and Esholt which is just outside Leeds. The photos I took in Arncliffe are a blog post in their own right, so watch out for that. I took some photos of Esholt, but unfortunately it was raining quite heavily while I was there.

Then it was time for my tour of the current set! I was surprised just how much freedom I got on the set to take photographs, so I hope you enjoy them! If you are also a big fan, or know someone who is, I would recommend!

There are too many to add to this blog post, so please click on the following Facebook link to view the images:





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