dog friendly Northern Ireland part 1

A few weeks ago I had tried to make arrangements with some colleagues to take our Labradors on a dog date one Saturday. There was much debate between us as to where we could actually go. If you have been following by blog for a while you will know that I took Shane to Tyrella quite a lot during the long Summer evenings. However, from May – October I was only allowed to bring him there in the evenings as dogs are banned from Tyrella between 10 – 6 during “bathing season”. The idea that Northern Ireland has a bathing season is of course debatable, but it started me questioning how dog friendly Northern Ireland was.

We have all seen the part of “Marley and Me” when Marley decides to use the dog beach as a toilet and one night when I was at Tyrella I saw someone acknowledge that their dog did exactly what Marley had done, but then just walked on and pretend it didn’t happen. I suppose it is irresponsible people like this that the ‘no dogs during bathing season’ rule were made for. Although what about the rest of us who want somewhere to go on a day out with our dogs? This is why I have decided to start doing a series of blog posts on dog friendly places in Northern Ireland!

This first post is all about Murlough! As the days have been getting shorter and shorter,  I have normally been walking Shane during the weekdays on our usual route around the town where we live -this is boring for both him and me as it is the same all the time, but needs must when daylight and time are limited.

This morning Shane was extremely hyperactive, and we were well overdue a change from our usual mid-week walk. I knew from our friends at that Murlough is rated as one of the highest dog friendly beaches in Northern Ireland so it didn’t take much thinking about where to go.

When I go to Murlough, I always park at the 12 Arches Bridge – if you are doing the same please be careful when getting your dog out of the car as it is beside a busy road.

The thing I have always loved about Murlough is the walk through the sand dunes! Dogs are supposed to be kept on leads walking through the sand dunes, but on several occasions I have come across people who didn’t have their dogs on leads, but luckily they had no interest in Shane and I. There are also several bins placed throughout the dunes.

At the end of the path through the dunes you find yourself at a very long strand of beach. How busy it is depends on the time of year, but it is dog friendly all year round.

Anytime I have been to Murlough with Shane there have always been other dog walkers, but there is normally plenty of space for everyone. In fact when I was there today the Great Dundrum Run was on and hundreds of people were running along the beach and this is not disturb us in the slightest!  As a dog friendly location I cannot fault Murlough – 10/10!

Here are a few pictures from our visit today:






run dundrum.jpg






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